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car accident redPutting together a car accident claim that actually yields a payout is neither easy nor straightforward. In addition to gathering sufficient evidence of both liability and damages, for example, you must avoid making critical mistakes from day one—and when it comes to personal injury proceedings, there are more than a few ways to jeopardize the outcome inadvertently.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes that car accident claimants in the wake of a wreck:

1. Postponing Treatment

It’s not uncommon for car accident victims who are able to walk away from the scene to put off seeing a doctor. After all, they have enough to do already.

Even if you feel relatively fine in the aftermath, though, it’s essential that you undergo a comprehensive evaluation as soon as possible. From whiplash to internal bleeding to brain damage, there are a number of impact injuries that can have latent symptoms. And without prompt treatment, serious complications can arise.

If it turns out you did get hurt, visiting a doctor right away will also ensure there’s a link between the accident in question and your injuries. This will make it considerably easier to prove causation during the claims process.

2. Ignoring Doctor’s Orders

Once you do seek care, make sure to follow your doctor’s orders. If you’re instructed to take it easy, for example, don’t return to a physically demanding job. Otherwise, the liable party may be able to argue that you failed to mitigate at least some of the damages, thereby reducing their own share of responsibility.

3. Remaining Active on Social Media

Since the claims adjuster will probably monitor your online activity, it’s best to stay off social media as long as your case is pending. At the end of the day, there’s no way to keep the liable party’s insurer from using your posts against you. Even seemingly innocuous photos or statuses could lead them to challenge the severity of your damages.

If disabling your accounts temporarily is not an option, you can at least reduce the risk of jeopardizing your claim on social media by:

  • Changing your privacy settings so only approved connections can see what you publish;
  • Filtering all new requests and denying those that are from people whom you don’t actually recognize;
  • Not posting about the accident, your injuries, your social life, or your expenditures;
  • Not “checking in” to public places; and
  • Asking friends and loved ones to avoid tagging you in their own posts.

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