Injured in a Retail Store Accident?

Commercial property owners have a legal responsibility to customers. Personal injury laws require them to take reasonable steps to keep their stores safe for visitors. When a person is injured while visiting a retail store, and if the injury could have been prevented through reasonable steps on the part of the store owner or manager, the injured person may seek financial compensation in a premises liability lawsuit.

Forceful Legal Representation After an In-Store Accident

The New York City personal injury law firm of Pascale Law, has a strong reputation in the New York legal community as forceful advocates on behalf of injured people. Over decades of legal practice, our attorneys have won millions of dollars in successful verdicts and settlements for our clients who are injured in retail store accidents or other events.

Our lawyers are especially known for their trial skills. When accident cases cannot reach a settlement agreement, when the defendants dig in their heels and refuse to pay reasonable compensation, we are frequently asked to step in to prepare the case for trial.

Seek Early Legal Advice After a Retail Store Accident

Because it can be notoriously difficult to obtain a fair financial settlement in retail store accident cases, we strongly encourage anyone injured in a retail store to seek early legal advice. The sooner you understand your options, the sooner you can decide how to proceed. Moreover, the earlier your attorney gets involved in your case, the more time and resources we can devote to building a strong argument on your behalf.

Learn More About Our Law Firm and About Retail Store Lawsuits

We are always available to provide a free and confidential case evaluation in retail store accident cases. We also welcome general inquiries about our law firm.

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