Personal Injury Lawsuits and Brain Injury

Injury victims and their families have thousands of law firms to choose from. The more serious the injury, the more important the decision becomes of how to select the right lawyer to handle the case.

A personal injury lawsuit is the injured person’s only opportunity to seek financial compensation. The amount of damages must not only adequately compensate the injury victim for past medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. The calculation of damages must also include a complete accounting of all the victim’s future medical needs, special education or vocational rehabilitation services, and lost earning potential.

At the prestigious law firm of Pascale Law, our trial attorneys have extensive experience winning significant jury verdicts and settlements on behalf of people who have suffered a brain injury after an accident caused by the negligence of another person.

For more than 15 years, our attorneys have stayed on the cutting edge of personal injury litigation as it relates to achieving fair settlements and verdicts for people with brain injury or spinal cord injuries.

Advanced education in cognitive science helps us work closely with the medical experts required to build and present a convincing case to a jury in a brain injury lawsuit.

A small firm with large resources, Pascale Law never requires its clients to pay up-front costs, even in the most complex and lengthy personal injury lawsuits. No matter how many medical tests or independent examinations are required, we never ask our clients to pay those costs unless and until a verdict is won or a settlement is reached.

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