Personal Injury Lawsuits Against New York City

In a metropolitan area as large as New York City, it should come as no surprise that the local city and county governments are frequently named as defendants in personal injury lawsuits. Whenever someone is injured in a subway accident, bus accident, in a public school, or on any public property — any good personal injury lawyer will make sure to name the proper government authority as a defendant in the case.

But, does your lawyer understand how these government agencies operate when they are faced with litigation? Does your personal injury attorney know the special rules and regulations that apply when an injured person seeks financial compensation from an entity like the Police Department, the MTA, the LIRR, the Port Authority, or the Department of Education?

A combined 35 Years’ Experience With Legal Claims Against the Government

At the law firm of Pascale Law, we know from two decades of experience how to handle personal injury lawsuits that involve formal claims against a municipal government. Our attorneys have successfully handled over a thousand personal injury claims against local government agencies in New York, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Our attorneys have achieved significant victories for our clients in lawsuits against the local city and county governments, including several multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements. In every case, we have provided the kind of in-depth and unrelenting legal advocacy necessary to win cases against government defendants, which are known to fight tooth and nail against personal injury lawsuits.

If an attorney does not know from past experience how to negotiate the minefields associated with personal injury lawsuits against the city and county governments of New York and the surrounding boroughs and counties, then a plaintiff runs the very real risk of losing his or her only opportunity to seek compensation for a serious injury.

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