New York Laws
Selecting “LAB”, then clicking on 240 will give you the text of the scaffolding law.

New York Department of Labor
This New York state agency is in charge of administering state occupational safety laws.

New York Workers’ Compensation Board
This agency handles the claims of injured workers and provides benefits for them while out of work.

U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSHA is the federal agency in charge of administering occupational safety and health laws.

OSHA Assistance for the Construction Industry
OSHA information geared towards those in the construction industry.

Safety & Health Topics: Scaffolding
OSHA scaffolding safety information for workers and construction industry companies.

Scaffolding eTool
An OSHA site that provides illustrated safety checklists for erecting and maintaining both suspended and supported scaffolds.

Scaffolding Library
Oklahoma State University maintains this site of useful resources and information for scaffolding users.

Safety Business and Legal Reports
Business and Legal Reports offers educational and training materials on a variety of scaffold design, construction and safety issues.

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