Municipal liability litigation involves cases and claims against a state, city, town, or county.

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Municipal Liability Q&A

When something happens and you need to sue the city, county or state, you need an attorney experienced in personal injury and in municipal liability. Pascale Law have extensive experience in both venues. These New York personal injury attorneys are familiar with the concept of sovereign immunity and how to file a lawsuit against entities protected by the concept.

What Types of Accidents Might Be Covered Under Municipality Law?

If you or a loved one were hurt in a public swimming pool accident, were in a bus or subway accident, slipped and fell on a sidewalk, got hurt on government premises or got into an accident involving a vehicle owned by the city, you may need New York personal injury attorneys experienced in municipal liability law.

If the Governmental Agency is Covered by Sovereign Immunity, How Can I Sue It?

Your attorney at Pascale Law must file a Notice of Claim before it can file a lawsuit against a government entity. If you need to file a lawsuit against a government entity, you have a limited amount of time, so contact a municipality liability attorney as soon as possible. In most instances, you have 90 days to file a Notice of Claim. Your attorney will let you know how long you have for your specific situation.

What is Required to File a Notice of Claim?

When you file a Notice of Claim, you must include certain information or the notice will not be accepted and you won’t be able to file a lawsuit. Information includes your name and address, why you are filing the claim, the time, date and location of the accident, the injuries you or your loved one suffered and the damages you are seeking. It is always best to have an experienced attorney file a Notice of Claim.