If You Are Injured on a New York City Sidewalk

Just walking the streets of New York can be dangerous — as we all know too well. The potential danger constantly underfoot is … the pavement itself. Every year, countless pedestrians and bicyclists trip or flip their bicycles due to broken sidewalks, potholes or unrepaired pavement.

If you are a resident or visitor injured by the sidewalks of New York City, how do you seek financial compensation for your injuries?

New York City’s Sidewalk Laws

Until recently, sidewalk safety was the responsibility of the city government in New York City. If you suffered an injury due to an unsafe sidewalk, you pursued legal action against the city of New York. Recently, however, the law changed.

Under current New York City laws, the adjoining property owner carries legal responsibility for the sidewalks in front of the property. On a practical level, this means that anyone who suffers an injury due to a broken sidewalk will seek financial compensation from the private property owner — not from the city.

Under some circumstances, the city of New York may still have legal liability for injuries that occur on our public walkways. For example, injuries caused by unrepaired or dangerous tree wells are still the responsibility of the city.

Professional Legal Representation from Pascale Law

At the New York City law firm of Pascale Law, our practice focuses exclusively on representing plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits. A small law firm with a big history, we have a history of success in forcing both private property owners and government agencies to pay fair financial compensation to injury victims.

Our attorneys negotiate fiercely for settlement on our clients’ behalf. However, our primary notoriety comes from our record of success as trial lawyers. Over the decades, we have achieved several multimillion-dollar verdicts at trial on behalf of injured New Yorkers and visitors.

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